37  Configuring Search Options

The rizin search engine can be configured through several configuration variables, modifiable with the e command.

e cmd.hit=x         ; rizin command to execute on every search hit
e search.distance=0 ; search string distance
e search.in=foo     ; specify search boundarie. Supported values are listed under e search.in=??
e search.align=4    ; only show search results aligned by specified boundary.
e search.from=0     ; start address
e search.to=0       ; end address
e search.asmstr=0   ; search for string instead of assembly
e search.flags=true ; if enabled, create flags on hits

The search.align variable is used to limit valid search hits to certain alignment. For example, with e search.align=4 you will see only hits found at 4-bytes aligned offsets.

The search.flags boolean variable instructs the search engine to flag hits so that they can be referenced later. If a currently running search is interrupted with Ctrl-C keyboard sequence, current search position is flagged with search_stop.